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General company information

Company name TNO
Branche Other
Address Anna van Buerenplein 1
Postal code 2595 DA
City Den Haag
Country Netherlands


Number of employees 3000
Number of academics 2200
Number of traineeships 200
Number of countries 6
Number of offices 28
What does the company has to offer? Graduation assignment, Internship, Traineeship, Job
Region Domestic (Netherlands), Asia & Pacific, Latin America


Innovation for life

TNO innovates with impact. By bringing together a wide range of disciplines in two areas of expertise and thereby tackling societal challenges within five current themes. The Technical Sciences area of expertise uses high-quality knowledge and advanced technology to find practicable solutions to a wide range of technological challenges while our scientists and researchers in the Earth, Life and Social Sciences area of expertise work on terrestrial, environmental and life challenges. Social problems and behavioural issues are also among the challenges tackled by the behavioural scientists, psychologists and information scientists at Earth, Life and Social Sciences.

The work of TNO has an impact on society. For TNO innovation means demonstrating how significant knowledge is for society. Being aware of the latest developments, both now and in the future. Working at TNO means working in teams on inspiring assignments for multinationals, SMEs and government. It means that you contribute directly to innovation and the ongoing development and application of knowledge. The assignments range from contract research to consultancy, from policy studies to testing. Boring routine is not something you will easily come across at TNO.

TNO’s full name stands for: The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research. TNO was established by law in 1932 and is strictly independent. We are a non-profit organisation and any profit that is made is immediately invested in new innovations. Three-quarters of our income is market generated by assignments for government, business and industry, and NGOs. The government co-funds the knowledge that the Netherlands needs for the long term.

The people
TNO employs around 3000 people with all kinds of backgrounds, qualities and interests. This multidisciplinary aspect is essential to be able to innovate. We combine the right, existing and newly acquired expertise from different disciplines – from biotechnology to movement sciences, from architecture to toxicology, from physics to sociology – to get the optimum results.

Together with universities and top technology institutes we develop knowledge that is closely aligned with the latest international trends and developments. TNO also has a private component: TNO Companies. This is the part of TNO where TNO personnel can fulfil their dream of getting their brilliant ideas to market:

Ambitious starter?
Interested in getting a flying start at TNO? There are many different options within our organisation. Whether you want to be a top researcher, consultant, project leader or business developer. Once you join us, you will have the freedom and responsibility for shaping your own career path.

Discover your possibilities at:

Language preferences

TNO is also interested in students that do not master Dutch speaking skills.

Interested in the following studies:

  • Biomedische Technologie
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Chemical Science and Engineering
  • Technical Computer Science
  • Applied Physics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Mechanical Engineering

Hosted activities

Career Fair

Woensdag 13 februari 2019 Ganzenveld Introduction Week
10:00 - 17:00 0 Seat(s)

Career Fair - Company pitch

Woensdag 13 februari 2019 Ganzenveld Introduction Week
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