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The 35th board of Stichting Bedrijvendagen Twente

Tom Behage - Chairman
Claudia Hovius - Secretary & Public Relations official
Roos de Lange - Treasurer
Evelien Hageman - Acquisition official
Rick de Boer - Logistics official
Jade Frieling - Publications official & Vice-chairman

Tom Behage

As chairman of the 35th board of the Bedrijvendagen Twente, you are the organisation’s face. You’re taking part in conversations with external organisations, you’re in charge of the board meetings as well as any discussions that might occur, and you’re responsible for writing both the policy plan and the annual report. In addition, as a chairman, you bear the responsibility for the work and made decisions within the board. That is why it is important to have knowledge of all the current affairs. You’re making the connection between the affairs of the different disciplines by taking into account ‘the bigger picture’. Finally, it is the chairman’s job to motivate the team, you take initiative and take care of team-building. As a chairman, I hope to set up a wonderful year together with my fellow board members.

Claudia Hovius
Secretary and Public Relations Official

As secretary, you are responsible for all communication with both the study associations and all other UT-organisations. You are also responsible for all the internal communication. As commissioner of Public Relations, you are engaged with organising all activities at which the Bedrijvendagen will be promoted among students. This can for example be done by, prize-winning competitions on social media, distributing different gadgets and free food.

Roos de Lange

As treasurer of the Bedrijvendagen Twente you are responsible for the finances. You make an annual budget and oversee the incoming and outgoing money. Over the year you organise all the invoices and declarations and at the end of the year you make a financial report.

Evelien Hageman
Acquisition Official

As Acquisitions Official my primary task is the recruiting and selecting of companies to take part in the Bedrijvendagen Twente. A selection of companies and activities is made to build an attractive program. Also is close contact with the participating companies is sustained.

Rick de Boer
Logistics Official

As Logistics Official you are responsible for arranging all the affairs and services surrounding the program components. Arranging suitable locations for fairs, getting permits for the events, coupling companies with the right companies when they give a training and getting a catering service for workshops all fall into the tasks of the Logistics Official.

Jade Frieling
Publications Official & Vice-chairman

The Publications Official takes care of all printed matter of the Bedrijvendagen Twente. The main task is putting together the book and the company- and the student brochure. Besides the book and brochures you make the design of all posters, flyers, folders and all other promotion material, this in combination with the maintenance of contact with the graphic designer and printer. The Vice-chairman supports the Chairman in his tasks if needed, therefore you have regular contact about the current affairs and attention points. By absence of the Chairman you take over his tasks.