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Workshop weeks

With the Introduction Week over and with the first contacts with different companies having been established, it’s time for the Workshop Weeks, two weeks filled with training sessions, workshops, cases, giving you the possibility to completely prepare yourself for the next step: further developing the contact relations between you and the companies. Even if you won’t participate in the events held during the Ambition Weeks, but would like to improve your personal competences, we encourage you to participate in the events either way!

Overview workshops

Holy Sh*t Show
Thursday the 7th of March, 12:40-13:30

Holy Sh*t! How do I find a career that suits me?

Taking a job just for the money or do what you love? The pursuit to find the perfect career that fulfills all your desires can be confusing. What if you can't find your passion? Before you know it, you are stuck in a sea of endless, paralyzing choices. Come to the Holy Sh*t Show and let us guide you in finding out what is really important in your search. Let's find your Holy Grail on the job market!

You can visit the show for free @Agora-Vrijhof and registration is not needed. The show will be in English and lunch will be included! Pictures will be made for promotion.