Innovatiecluster Drachten

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Bedrijfsnaam Innovatiecluster Drachten
Branche Overig
Adres de Tijen
Postcode 9201BX
Plaats Drachten
Land Nederland


Aantal werknemers 3500
Aantal academici 600
Aantal stageplekken 50
Aantal landen 100
Aantal vestigingen 13
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Regio Nationaal (Nederland), West-Europa, Rusland & Oost-Europa, Azië & Australazië, Noord-Amerika, Latijns-Amerika


Innovatiecluster Drachten (ICD) is an internationally active ecosystem of 18 collaborating high-tech companies and knowledge institutes operating at the forefront of innovation and competitive on the global market.

Our companies work together to realize solutions for the big challenges of the future. We call these challenges the Big 5 of High Tech:
• 3D metal printing
• Remote sensoring and big data
• Robotics
• Visual intelligence
• All-electric propulsion

The heart of ICD is the unique collaboration between R&D departments that support and reinforce each other instead of competing with each other. This collaboration results in more than 50 new product introductions a year worldwide that save people’s lives, render the control of complex systems easy, adjust products to the individual needs and wishes of consumers, and make data needed for further improvement of food quality accessible. Together the ICD companies are the heart of the smart factory region in Northwestern Europe.

Working in ICD means contributing to solutions for the future. Over 3,500 motivated professionals - from university graduates to production employees - opted for a career in high-tech industry at one of our companies. They enjoy the challenge of using each other’s knowledge to develop high-end and unique products and to manufacture these products. Besides being the center of privately funded R&D in the Northern Netherlands, we are also a group of first-rate, high-tech manufacturing companies unique in Northwestern Europe. This makes us attractive to employees who want to develop a future-oriented career in high-tech industry.

A unique high-tech ecosystem is developing in the Northern Netherlands based on collaboration and knowledge exchange. Knowledge institutes are linking up. We also offer facility-share programs, and special talent and career development programs for senior secondary vocational education and training (VET) and university students and graduates and a special program to support high-tech startups.


Innovatiecluster Drachten is ook geïnteresseerd in anderstaligen.

Geïnteresseerd in de volgende studies:

  • Advanced Technology
  • Business & IT
  • Creative Technology
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Design Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Technical Computer Science
  • Applied Physics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Hoger Beroepsonderwijs

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